Growing Your Garden with Garden Grande


Ecotrac Organics, Inc. approached BR to design a smaller 4 lb. bag for their original 25 lb. bag of plant-based fertilizer, the only organic and vegan patented product in the market. The client asked for a contemporary design showcasing how their product can be used. BR came up with a design using bold, striking colors along with imagery to show how the plant food works for a multitude of garden and potted plants, fruits, and vegetables.

BR arranged, shot, and processed all photos in-house using our photography studio to develop clean, contemporary packaging.

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Constructing a Website for Construction Surveyors

Blind Renaissance created a modern, parallax website for our client Construction Surveyors North Central Washington. Using our own surveying techniques, we worked with our client to determine a style that would best speak to their target market. Using dark colors and textures such as gravel, we contrasted the darkness with bright, colorful sunsets with silhouettes of construction surveyors and equipment. Check out all the unqiue headers on the website here:

Washington Tree Fruit Hort Expo Booths by Blind Renaissance

Check out the tradeshow booth and displays we designed for our clients attending the 2016 NCW Hort Expo on December 5th-7th at the Wenatchee Convention Center.

Nature's Intent


Proprietary Variety Management

Superior Fruit Equipment

Washington Tractor

It's 5 in the Wenatchee Valley Business World


Check out this article featuring BR client It's 5 Artisan Distillery in the Wenatchee Valley Business World. BR designed a new bottle series to accompany the It's 5 brand. View our case study by pressing the button below


It’s 5 Artisan Distillery

Maker of fine spirits using local fruits and grains

 It’s 5 Artisan Distillery in Cashmere produces some of the Northwest’s most prized spirits. Food writers and liquor connoisseurs can’t stop praising distiller and owner Colin Levi’s techniques and ingredients.

[It’s 5] has struck a chord and keeps on growing and growing.
— Brad Moore, It's 5 Marketing Director

For example, sip his Northwest Dry Gin ($40 to $50), one of the company’s top selling products. It combines juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, lavender and other botanicals to produce an exquisite gin with a gorgeous nose. The distillery’s marking director Brad Moore says the 7-year-old company “has struck a chord and keeps on growing and growing.” It’s 5 spirits can now be found in more than 1,000 locations in 11 states. Thousands more orders placed online for its bourbon, whiskey, brandy, liqueurs, grappa and vodka.

Getting thirsty? Peruse It’s 5’s product line at or, even better, visit the tasting room at 207 Mission Ave. in Cashmere.

A line-up of liquors made and sold by It’s 5 Artisan Distillery in Cashmere.

A line-up of liquors made and sold by It’s 5 Artisan Distillery in Cashmere.

Article by Wenatchee Valley Business World, December 2016

PollenPro Tradeshow Materials

Wanting to stand out in the pollen supply industry, PollenPro approached BR to help design a new logo and brand materials. Previously FirmYield Pollen, PollenPro is a small, family-owned company in Moxee, WA that prides themselves on paying attention to their customer's needs and placing an emphasis on quality.

Using the "look and feel" of PollenPro's new brand, BR designed a table sheet, table top display, retractable banner and collateral materials for the client to hand out at tradeshows and when meeting with clients.

Drop by the NW Horticulture Expo at the Wenatchee Convention Center from December 5th to 7th and check out PollenPro's new logo, collateral materials, and tradeshow booth.

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National Pear Month

Check out our Throwback post for a custom pear illustration by BR designer Nick Shamley for CMI, circa 2010. View post here.


Worldwide Pear Day set for Dec. 3

November 30, 2016

This year, National Pear Month is going global. To celebrate the 12th anniversary of U.S. Department of Agriculture officially declaring December as National Pear Month, USA Pears will hit the road Dec. 3 and provide samples of this juicy, delicious fruit to consumers across the world.

Beginning at 2 p.m. local time in New Zealand, people will have the opportunity to taste a variety of USA-grown pears via pop-up sampling opportunities in more than 24 countries including China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico and across all U.S. time zones for 24 hours of continuous sampling and promotion of USA Pears. It’s the ideal time to celebrate the abundance and variety of USA Pears, now at their peak and available worldwide.

“This is the first time USA Pears has done a sampling event of this magnitude, and we’re really excited to have people across all time zones sample pears throughout a single day and interact on social media,” said Kevin Moffitt, president and chief executive officer of Pear Bureau Northwest, a nonprofit trade association promoting fresh pears on behalf of the nearly 1,600 pear growers in Washington and Oregon. “While Washington and Oregon account for 84 percent of the pears commercially grown in the U.S., we export nearly 40 percent so they truly are a fruit enjoyed around the world.”

The ten varieties of pears grown in Washington and Oregon include: Green Anjou, Red Anjou, Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, Concorde, Forelle, Seckel and Starkrimson.

On Dec. 3, consumers can connect with pear lovers from all over the world by visiting USA Pears social platforms, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and follow #WorldDay or #WorldPearDay.

In the United States, sampling pop-ups will appear in New York City, Minneapolis, MN, Denver, San Francisco and Portland, OR, with several retailer sampling locations in between.

Article By The Produce News

Superior Fruit Equipment

Over 15 years ago BR designed a logo for Superior Fruit Equipment, the leading US manufacturer for fruit pruning equipment. Today, their logo still resonates with their company with the incorporation of clipper and blade shapes cutting into their logo. Featured below are new updates to Superior Fruit Equipment's tradeshow booth and marketing materials.

Drop by the NW Horticulture Expo at the Wenatchee Convention Center from December 5th to 7th and check out Superior Fruit Equipment's product line.

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Hand-Crafted Spirits and Design

BR is proud to showcase our design work for It's 5 Artisan Distillery in Cashmere, WA. To exemplify the creativity and time put into creating hand-crafted products with natural, local ingredients, BR created dynamic artwork to develop a series of labels. To show off the artwork, a beautiful flux technique with metallic surfaces was used to give the products a level of sophistication. View our case study of this project here.