A Website to be Smitten With

Pegasus Premier Fruit – a local Wenatchee, WA business –  approached Blind Renaissance to refresh an existing website for their Smitten™ brand apples. To create a modern viewing experience, Blind Renaissance created a full width website with a mix of parallax scrolling and static pages to entice both consumers, growers, and retailers.

The introduction to the website features custom animation of Smitten's signature double XX's before focusing on clean navigation and an enticing photo of Smitten apples taken during an in-house photoshoot at our Blind Renaissance design studio.

During the process of developing a new website, Blind Renaissance helped the client to organize existing information by creating a new sitemap, editing website content, and helping the client create additional content the new website would need. During additional meetings with the client, BR determined the most efficient ways to provide information for consumer, retailers, and growers.

View the new website here: www.smittenapple.com