Wenatchee Kennel Club Website Refresh

When you have a large club and a large website, organization is key! So when the Wenatchee Kennel Club wanted to update their existing website to make it easier for their members to navigate through the large amount of information on their website, Blind Renaissane was excited to help. During an initial meeting with the WKC's webmaster, we helped identify problems with the existing structure to help create a more organized website. We also assisted the client in reworking their sitemap so they could determine what existing information to keep and what may not be necessary.

During the design process, WKC asked that a temporary holding page be created to let their members know that a new website would be coming soon. Blind Renaissance created a cover page with a slideshow and buttons that link to documents containing important information about seasonal classes that they offer.

The refreshed website pays close attention to the primary focus of the Wenatchee Kennel Club, the dogs! A scrolling banner on the homepage features updated images while each subpage has a static image. The final website is clean, easy to read, and allows the club to grow by offering the option to sign up for classes online.

Visit the Wenatchee Kennel Club's new website here: www.wenatcheekennelclub.com