Custom Cherry Box for the Asian Market


Custom Design

Allan Bros., Inc. asked Blind Renaissance to develop a new cherry box to be used primarily in Asian export markets. Parameters of the project included working on a design to fit two box sizes and creating a pattern with varnish that would subtly appear across the background of the box.

Resonating with the Asian Market

After consideration for the Asian market and third party validation from a few industry folks as well, we’re in agreement that the cherry blossoms will resonate well with that particular audience.
— Danielle Vincent, Allan Brothers, Inc.

After presenting the client with multiple designs, they chose a box with large cherry blossoms in the foreground that, when stacked, cascade down the front of the boxes.

Social Media Push

We are thrilled with how [the boxes] turned out as well, and will definitely cross-promote on our side from your social channels and site.
— Danielle Vincent, Allan Brothers, Inc.

In the age of technology, businesses rely heavily on connecting to their consumers while marketing their goods and services.

Allan Bros. used this technique to feature the new cherry box during in-store taste tests. They also displayed the high-graphic box at a winery where cherries were paired with wines.