Grapple Apples Kids Program


Grape-Shaped Ape

To help consumers pronounce the name of this new product, Blind Renaissance developed a series of custom illustrations featuring an ape, the sound that you hear in the "Grape" of Grāpple. During the second round of illustrations, we created a round-shaped body for the ape, such as the rounded body of an apple or grape.

Custom Illustration

Once the ape's illustration style was approved by the client, we developed an energetic set of spot illustrations with the lively, acrobatic ape character surfing, skating, and snowboarding in unique settings. These illustrations were used for multiple pieces of packaging and marketing materials such as packaging, displays, and sell sheets. The use of bright, kid-friendly illustration and colors helped market these delicious apples to the younger crowd while also enticing adults with the illustrations of exciting seasonal sports.

Soccer Ball

We all know and love the white and black soccer balls we kicked around as kids. For this project, we wanted to design a unique ball with artwork that twirled and swirled with the ball's movement. To do so, we had to use our brains and determine how to create flat artwork to wrap around a complex 3D shape covered by hexagons. Our design process included drawing on soccer balls, creating 3D mockups, and ultimately creating a flat piece of art for printing and assembly. Phew! What a workout for the brain.


  • Custom Illustration

  • Soccer Ball Illustration

  • Clamshell Label

  • Tube Poly Bags

  • Quarter Bin

  • Euro Box

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