Bridges Organic Produce


Produce with Heart

In late 2009, Bridges Organic Produce asked BR to partner with them on rebranding their self-named organic brand. They wanted an identity that would appeal equally to consumers, growers and retailers, allowing a unified, seamless approach to corporate and retail marketing. The result is classic and contemporary, operating effectively in strictly organic and more mainstream retail environments.

One Neat, Natural Package

BR developed commodity-specific packaging with a strong focus on the newly developed logo. A subtle rural scene adds a personalized, human touch. Representative of Bridges' focus on smaller family farms and exceptional customer service, as well as their commitment to sustainability.

Tell the Story

BR worked with Bridges to develop a company brochure that outlined their company culture, product availability, and active participation in the organic industry.


  • Logo
  • Business Suite
  • Brochure
  • Apple/Pear Cartons
  • Apple/Pear Bags
  • Trade Show Booth