Chelan Fresh Marketing


Chelan Fresh. Premium produce from the mountains of Washington State.

In 2004, Blind Renaissance helped to shape the continued success of Chelan Fresh. Beginning with a new logo, our team worked collaboratively with Chelan Fresh to continually seek high-impact solutions to marketing challenges. By implementing and maintaining a cohesive vision throughout diverse domestic and international campaigns, our work has elevated the Chelan Fresh brand identity as a symbol of quality. Between 2011 to 2013, Chelan Fresh experienced a 58% increase in overall market share in the U.S. market and beyond.  


  • Logo

  • Brochures

  • In-Store Displays

  • P.O.S. Rack Cards/Posters

  • Tradeshow Booths

  • Tote Bags

  • Website

  • Domestic & International Ad Creation & Placement

  • Custom Packaging

  • Marketing

  • Photography

  • Domestic/International Marketing


Reaching target markets.

We provided Chelan Fresh with sophisticated tools to effectively reach two distinct audiences: retail stores and the consumers who shop in them. Applying a long history of produce industry expertise, we developed account and point-of-sale materials to help sell Chelan Fresh both as a full-service grower/packer/shipper and a consumer brand. 

Custom, in-house photography.

Nothing showcases fresh design and premium produce like custom photography. Our Photography Studio continually updated Chelan Fresh's photo library of high-quality commodity and package photography for trade ads, promotion, and retailer use. 

Promos with purpose.

We developed a custom promotional calendar for Chelan Fresh that was designed to be a useful retailer resource. Each month featured a Chelan Fresh promotion, information on growing regions, and merchandising tips for the coming month.