Pollen Ranch



Buzzing Around

Pollen Ranch is a pollen collection, distributor and producer of hand-crafted pollen spices. As such, BR was tasked with creating a logo that could easily incorporate the company’s subsidiary branches: Pollen Ranch, Pollination Northwest, and Pollen Collection & Sales, Inc. With bees being an important part of the pollination process, BR created a bee to buzz around a circle of pollen. This simple, flat graphic couple easily be incorporated into the three distinct branches of the company.

Custom Photography

Once packaging labels were completed, BR set up a photo shoot to introduce the new label designs on the Pollen Ranch website. The shoot included finding the best angles to show off the new labels while also creating a realistic setting by incorporating measuring spoons.

Website Design

During the branding process, BR created distinct looks for each of the three websites for Pollen RanchPollination Northwest, and Pollen Collection & Sales, Inc. The Pollen Ranch website is an eCommerce website that allows consumers to purchase pollen, spice blends, gifts, and more. To create a more relaxed atmosphere, the Pollen Ranch website uses warm yellows, earthy forest greens, and a clean navigation. The other websites were kept more clean with flat white background and bright graphics. The contrast between each website helps individual each branch of the company.


  • Logos*
  • Custom Labels
  • T-Shirts
  • Photography
  • Websites

* For the main company and two subsidiary branches

For additional information on Pollen Ranch, visit their website at www.pollenranch.com