Tierra Labrada Wine


Elevation Vineyards in Walla Walla asked us to help develop a name and wine label design for their limited production wine. With help from Kevin Pouge, a geologist and consultant at VinTerra, and Ryan Driver, Tertulia Cellars vineyard manager, we gathered a series of interesting names to choose from:

  • Regolith
  • Colonnade
  • Entablature
  • Igenous
  • Martillo
  • Cincelado
  • Tierra Labrada
  • Terrazas

Finding inspiration in the name Tierra Labrada, which means carved land, specifically carved or wrought by hand, we had a unique brand to develop.  Due to the high elevation of the vineyard ranging between 1500-1700 feet, the soil consists of silt and fractured basalt. Well over half the vineyard had to be jack hammered to place the vines in the ground. These details helped us draw inspiration.

Our inspiration for creating the wine label came from the terraced basalt landscape of the vineyard.  

As you can see from the initial concepts above, we created 4 different graphics to reflect a terraced feel. The final result is a striking visual of the topographic map design of the vineyard using a "frosted on" screen printing technique. The metallic "coin" logo on the bottle represents an earthy, chiseled rock-like element that fits in with the vineyards basalt foundation.

Tierra Labrada is a limited quantity private collection wine that will only be sent out to club members. Wines produced are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and a Petit Verdot.

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