Chelan Fresh Ice Campaign



Chilling Out

When a trio of fruit marketing companies came together and approached Blind Renaissance to develop a look for their new brand, we wanted to try something sweet and cool. Using black, which no one had yet used in the produce industry, we made the fruit pop against a dark background with glittery, transparent ice sprinkled in the foreground. This look was shot for apples, pears, cherries, and a mix of all three. These photographs would then be corrected and prepared to use for displays and POS materials.

Time to Refresh

The black look was quite popular and used for many years, but Chelan Fresh wanted a refresh. To brighten and "refresh" the look, we reshot the same concept of apples, pears, and cherries with ice, but on a white background this time around. The same look was applied to displays and POS materials and paired with bright, colorful text to stand out on clean white packaging and displays.


  • 4-Box Bin Sleeves
  • Clamshell Labels
  • Custom Photography
  • Photo Correction
  • POS Cards
  • Price Cards
  • Stanchion Posters
  • Tote Bags