Viva Tierra Organics


CF Fresh doesn't just grow organic, it knows organic.

An industry leader and organic produce forerunner, CF Fresh approached BR to create a more contemporary feel for its respected Viva Tierra Organic brand. Over the last year, BR has worked closely with CF Fresh on a variety of initiatives centered around the Viva Tierra makeover, and looks forward to continued development of commodity packaging, point-of-sale materials and trade advertising.

Packaging is our craft.

BR works to stay abreast of new and emerging printing techniques, helping our customers make smart, and attractive, packaging decisions. (Click image for larger view.)

Organic on screen.

BR designed a website with a crisp, clean interface that is easy to navigate for consumers and retailers alike, and provides retailers with a one-stop shop for commonly requested items.

The site features well-written historical factoids on each commodity and real grower profiles, vibrantly bringing CF Fresh's people, and produce, to life. 


  • Logo

  • Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Varietal POS Cards

  • PLU Stickers

  • Onion Top Label

  • Onion Mesh Bag Label

  • Cherry Slider Pouch Bag

  • 40 LB Box

  • Website Design

Smitten Brand Apples


Developing A Brand

Smitten® approached Blind Renaissance to help modernize their branding with a more contemporary look. BR worked through a few different design options to create a modern take on the double X's so they became the forefront of the brand. In the end, the simple design paired with clean typography created a clean contemporary design that hit the mark for the client.

Continuing the Look

Once the contemporary look was approved, BR moved on to create marketing and point-of-sales materials. The clean, simple double X's worked well for informational cards, signage, and tradeshow materials. To continue the client's love of the "xx" kisses, BR used the icon as bullet points on promotional materials and the website.


To help show the orchards, products, and packaging on the new website, BR utilized their in-house photographer to take photos in-studio and went out into the orchard to obtain photos to help tell the story of Smitten™ brand apples from orchard to store. By using bright white backgrounds, and shooting at unique angles, BR created an image library Smitten® can use on their website and for promotional materials.

Partnering with Susan G. Komen

When Smitten reached out about developing a program for their partnsership with Susan G. Komen, Blind Renaissance was excited to be a part of raising breast cancer awareness.


  • 4-Box Sleeve

  • 5 lb. Gusset Bag

  • Advertisements

  • Carton

  • Elliptical Display

  • Info Card

  • Kraft Tote Bag

  • Photography (Studio & Orchard)

  • Price Card

  • Sell Sheet

  • Stanchion Poster

  • Tradeshow Backdrop

  • Website Redesign

Want to learn more about Smitten™ brand apples? Visit their website at

Chelan Fresh Ice Campaign



Collaboration Grows Strong Marketing

When a trio of fruit marketing companies came together and approached Blind Renaissance to develop a look for their new brand, we wanted to try something sweet and cool. Using black, which had not yet been used in the produce industry, we made the fruit pop against a dark background with glittery, transparent ice sprinkled in the foreground. This look was shot for apples, pears, cherries, and a mix of all three. These photographs would then be corrected and prepared to use for displays and POS materials.

Since 2004, we have helped to shape the continued success of Chelan Fresh. Beginning with a new logo, our design team has worked collaboratively with Chelan Fresh to continually seek high-impact solutions to marketing challenges. By implementing and maintaining a cohesive vision throughout diverse domestic and international campaigns, our work has elevated the Chelan Fresh brand identity as a symbol of quality. Between 2011 and 2012, Chelan Fresh experienced a 58% increase in overall market share in the U.S. market and beyond. 

Reaching target markets.

We provided Chelan Fresh with sophisticated tools to effectively reach two distinct audiences: retail stores and the consumers who shop in them. Applying a long history of produce industry expertise, we developed account and point-of-sale materials to help sell Chelan Fresh both as a full-service grower/packer/shipper and a consumer brand. 

Custom Studio Photography

Nothing showcases fresh design and premium produce like custom photography. Our photography studio continually updates our photo library of high-quality commodity and package photography for trade ads, promotion, and retailer use. 

Time to Refresh

The black look was quite popular and used for many years, but Chelan Fresh wanted a refresh. To brighten and "refresh" the look, we reshot the same concept of apples, pears, and cherries with ice, but on a white background this time around. The same look was applied to displays and POS materials and paired with bright, colorful text to stand out on clean white packaging and displays.

Promos with purpose.

Using photos taken in our studio, we developed a custom promotional calendar for Chelan Fresh. Designed to be a useful retailer resource, each month features a Chelan Fresh promotion, information on growing regions, and merchandising tips for the coming month. 


  • Logo
  • Brochures
  • In-Store Displays
  • P.O.S. Rack Cards/Posters
  • Tradeshow Booths
  • Tote Bags
  • Website
  • Domestic & International Ad Creation & Placement
  • Custom Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Domestic/International Marketing

EcoTrac Organics Refresh



Going Vegan

EcoTrac Organics® approached BR to help create a more contemporary look for their organic plant food called Garden Grande. Offering a selection of design styles, we guided the client through the design process by choosing layout and design options that would appeal to their target audience.

For our garden themed design, we chose to focus on the products that come from using Garden Grande® organic plant food. By utilizing our in-house photography studio, BR was able to create a custom layout of flowers, fruit, and vegetables for the front design of the bag. Paired with a soft, warm background and bold blue stripes, the refreshed Garden Grande® packaging now appeals to a mass of gardeners no matter how big or small their garden may be.

Pop of Blue

Utilizing the strong pop of blue on the bag, BR used the accent color to highlight information on shelf signs and continued the use of banding across the top of a brochure. Keeping with bright photos with a pop of bright colors inspired by fruit and vegetables, we created a brochure focusing on the greenery around a garden along with the flowers and vegetables gardeners love to grow.


  • 4 lb Gusset Bag
  • 25 lb Gusset Bag
  • Tri-Fold Brochure
  • Shelf Signs
  • Studio Photography

Evergreen Striping



Growing Local Businesses

BR enjoys helping local, small businesses develop their brand story. In this case, BR helped Evergreen Striping create a unique brand to start their asphalt striping company and begin helping other local businesses have well-marked parking lots for a sense of order and safety.

Laying Down the Groundwork

BR started by creating a logo reminiscent of the company’s two key words, Evergreen and Striping. After a tight round of sketches, three logos were presented to the client. The obvious choice was a reversed out parking structure that looks like a tree sitting atop a mountain summit. Once the logo was completed, the dark asphalt gray and brilliant striping yellow was used on custom designed stationary for a consistent look and feel.

Nose to the Pavement

When viewed up close, asphalt has a unique texture. Since asphalt is the main product for which striping is applied, BR used asphalt for texture on the business cards, brochure and yard signs. Paired with bold yellow stripes and angles, the collateral materials state that this is an asphalt striping business.


  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Custom Envelopes
  • Brochure
  • Yard Signs
  • Website

Want to learn more about Evergreen Striping? Visit their website at

Pollen Ranch



Buzzing Around

Pollen Ranch is a pollen collection, distributor and producer of hand-crafted pollen spices. As such, BR was tasked with creating a logo that could easily incorporate the company’s subsidiary branches: Pollen Ranch, Pollination Northwest, and Pollen Collection & Sales, Inc. With bees being an important part of the pollination process, BR created a bee to buzz around a circle of pollen. This simple, flat graphic couple easily be incorporated into the three distinct branches of the company.

Custom Photography

Once packaging labels were completed, BR set up a photo shoot to introduce the new label designs on the Pollen Ranch website. The shoot included finding the best angles to show off the new labels while also creating a realistic setting by incorporating measuring spoons.

Website Design

During the branding process, BR created distinct looks for each of the three websites for Pollen RanchPollination Northwest, and Pollen Collection & Sales, Inc. The Pollen Ranch website is an eCommerce website that allows consumers to purchase pollen, spice blends, gifts, and more. To create a more relaxed atmosphere, the Pollen Ranch website uses warm yellows, earthy forest greens, and a clean navigation. The other websites were kept more clean with flat white background and bright graphics. The contrast between each website helps individual each branch of the company.


  • Logos*
  • Custom Labels
  • T-Shirts
  • Photography
  • Websites

* For the main company and two subsidiary branches

For additional information on Pollen Ranch, visit their website at

Tertulia Cellars



A Circle of Friends Connected Through Wine

In 2005, BR helped to bring yet another winery to fruition. Tertulia Cellars was looking to brand their new wine and approached BR to begin identity development. "Tertulia", which is Spanish for “a social gathering of friends”, was carefully chosen by the client to inspire images of warmth, camaraderie, and the pleasure of fine wine. BR gave form to this rich imagery by creating an unbroken circle of stylized human forms. Combined with clean type and rounded edges, Tertulia Cellars received a strong, differentiated brand that transcends multiple mediums.

Wine Labels

BR developed Tertulia Cellars' varietals with jewel tones and coordinating capsules that provides a consistent look and feel to strengthen the overall brand. 


Combining strong visual presence and simple maintenance, BR created a flexible site that can grow with Tertulia Cellars' winery operations and continued brand development. View Tertulia Cellars' website here.

Let's Face It...We Love Wine

From meeting strict TTB regulations, to designing labels, corks and capsules that work in harmony with bottling equipment, BR has the creative vision and technical expertise to provide informed services to wine producers of all shapes and sizes. Our extensive knowledge of printing techniques allows us to offer unique label solutions that are economically efficient for our clients and connect with their target market(s). 


  • Logo
  • Stationary – Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope
  • Promotional Materials – Postcards, Coasters, Brochures, Shelf Talkers, Tasting Notes, Advertisements
  • Wine – Wine Labels, Printed Bottles, Cork & Capsule Designs
  • Photography
  • Signage
  • Website

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Sunrise Magic




About the Sunrise Magic™ Apple

In partnership with Washington State University, Sunrise Magic™ brand apples are being re-introduced into the marketplace. With help from consumers, the name was chosen for WSU's WA 2 apple during a series of polls. Sunrise Magic™ is a cross between a Splendour and Gala, which have both been successful in the commercial market. With an attractive pinkish-red blush and moderate acidity, Sunrise Magic™ is perfect for fresh eating.

A Tale of Two Logos

In preliminary designs, you can see the apple was originally called Sunrise Delight. However, studies showed that the name needed a little more "magic". After another set of preliminary polls with the second round, the logos both seemed to generate the same enthusiasm with their bright colors and strong design. In order to put the logos into context, a series of packaging designs were developed to show how the logo could be used.

Bringing Light to Packaging

To help decide which logo to choose, a series of floor displays and additional packaging were designed to help bring the logo to life. Again, the feedback was positive and very close. With the first round of comments taken into consideration, the selection was narrowed down to two designs. Polar opposites, the first design takes on the darker start of morning while the other design showcases the brighter hints of sunrise. The top two designs, showcasing both versions of the logo, were put to a consumer test. The final findings were about 60/40 with a slight margin more in favor of the brighter packaging.


  • Logo
  • Custom Packaging
  • In-Store Displays
  • Website
  • Photography

For additional information on Sunrise Magic™ apples, visit their website at

Cosmic Crisp




About the Cosmic Crisp™ Brand Apple

Cosmic Crisp™ brand apples are a cross between 'Enterprise' and 'Honeycrisp'.  Cosmic Crisp apple variety is the latest edition of Washington State University's world-class tree fruit breeding program.  The large, juicy apple has a remarkably firm and crisp texture. Its exceptional flavor profile provides ample sweetness and tartness, making it an excellent eating apple. In addition to being delicious, it is slow to brown when cut and maintains its texture and flavor in storage for more than a year.


Naming the apple involved several meetings with focus groups around the state with sessions in Pullman, Yakima and Seattle. The "Cosmic" factor in the name was developed because of the striking lenticels on the apple surface. Those little spots look like starbursts to some and consumers are believed to be drawn to names relating to outer space and the cosmos. One of the outstanding attributes of the variety is its crisp texture. “Crisp” also links to its parent, 'Honeycrisp'.

Playing off the name Cosmic, the logo and imagery were cleverly created with the galaxy in mind. The prominent starry-like lenticels of the new apple was the main inspiration to Cosmic Crisp's logo icon. Paired with the Futura typeface, the whole logo reflects that this will be the next apple variety to rival the most popular and successful apple varieties there are today.


  • Logo
  • Custom Packaging
  • In-Store Displays
  • Website
  • Photography

For additional information on Cosmic Crisp apples, visit their website at

Grapple Apples Kids Program


Grape-Shaped Ape

To help consumers pronounce the name of this new product, Blind Renaissance developed a series of custom illustrations featuring an ape, the sound that you hear in the "Grape" of Grāpple. During the second round of illustrations, we created a round-shaped body for the ape, such as the rounded body of an apple or grape.

Custom Illustration

Once the ape's illustration style was approved by the client, we developed an energetic set of spot illustrations with the lively, acrobatic ape character surfing, skating, and snowboarding in unique settings. These illustrations were used for multiple pieces of packaging and marketing materials such as packaging, displays, and sell sheets. The use of bright, kid-friendly illustration and colors helped market these delicious apples to the younger crowd while also enticing adults with the illustrations of exciting seasonal sports.

Soccer Ball

We all know and love the white and black soccer balls we kicked around as kids. For this project, we wanted to design a unique ball with artwork that twirled and swirled with the ball's movement. To do so, we had to use our brains and determine how to create flat artwork to wrap around a complex 3D shape covered by hexagons. Our design process included drawing on soccer balls, creating 3D mockups, and ultimately creating a flat piece of art for printing and assembly. Phew! What a workout for the brain.


  • Custom Illustration

  • Soccer Ball Illustration

  • Clamshell Label

  • Tube Poly Bags

  • Quarter Bin

  • Euro Box

  • Advertisements