EcoTrac Organics Refresh



Going Vegan

EcoTrac Organics® approached BR to help create a more contemporary look for their organic plant food called Garden Grande. Offering a selection of design styles, we guided the client through the design process by choosing layout and design options that would appeal to their target audience.

For our garden themed design, we chose to focus on the products that come from using Garden Grande® organic plant food. By utilizing our in-house photography studio, BR was able to create a custom layout of flowers, fruit, and vegetables for the front design of the bag. Paired with a soft, warm background and bold blue stripes, the refreshed Garden Grande® packaging now appeals to a mass of gardeners no matter how big or small their garden may be.

Pop of Blue

Utilizing the strong pop of blue on the bag, BR used the accent color to highlight information on shelf signs and continued the use of banding across the top of a brochure. Keeping with bright photos with a pop of bright colors inspired by fruit and vegetables, we created a brochure focusing on the greenery around a garden along with the flowers and vegetables gardeners love to grow.


  • 4 lb Gusset Bag
  • 25 lb Gusset Bag
  • Tri-Fold Brochure
  • Shelf Signs
  • Studio Photography