Sunrise Magic




About the Sunrise Magic™ Apple

In partnership with Washington State University, Sunrise Magic™ brand apples are being re-introduced into the marketplace. With help from consumers, the name was chosen for WSU's WA 2 apple during a series of polls. Sunrise Magic™ is a cross between a Splendour and Gala, which have both been successful in the commercial market. With an attractive pinkish-red blush and moderate acidity, Sunrise Magic™ is perfect for fresh eating.

A Tale of Two Logos

In preliminary designs, you can see the apple was originally called Sunrise Delight. However, studies showed that the name needed a little more "magic". After another set of preliminary polls with the second round, the logos both seemed to generate the same enthusiasm with their bright colors and strong design. In order to put the logos into context, a series of packaging designs were developed to show how the logo could be used.

Bringing Light to Packaging

To help decide which logo to choose, a series of floor displays and additional packaging were designed to help bring the logo to life. Again, the feedback was positive and very close. With the first round of comments taken into consideration, the selection was narrowed down to two designs. Polar opposites, the first design takes on the darker start of morning while the other design showcases the brighter hints of sunrise. The top two designs, showcasing both versions of the logo, were put to a consumer test. The final findings were about 60/40 with a slight margin more in favor of the brighter packaging.


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