Tertulia Cellars



A Circle of Friends Connected Through Wine

In 2005, BR helped to bring yet another winery to fruition. Tertulia Cellars was looking to brand their new wine and approached BR to begin identity development. "Tertulia", which is Spanish for “a social gathering of friends”, was carefully chosen by the client to inspire images of warmth, camaraderie, and the pleasure of fine wine. BR gave form to this rich imagery by creating an unbroken circle of stylized human forms. Combined with clean type and rounded edges, Tertulia Cellars received a strong, differentiated brand that transcends multiple mediums.

Wine Labels

BR developed Tertulia Cellars' varietals with jewel tones and coordinating capsules that provides a consistent look and feel to strengthen the overall brand. 


Combining strong visual presence and simple maintenance, BR created a flexible site that can grow with Tertulia Cellars' winery operations and continued brand development. View Tertulia Cellars' website here.

Let's Face It...We Love Wine

From meeting strict TTB regulations, to designing labels, corks and capsules that work in harmony with bottling equipment, BR has the creative vision and technical expertise to provide informed services to wine producers of all shapes and sizes. Our extensive knowledge of printing techniques allows us to offer unique label solutions that are economically efficient for our clients and connect with their target market(s). 


  • Logo
  • Stationary – Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope
  • Promotional Materials – Postcards, Coasters, Brochures, Shelf Talkers, Tasting Notes, Advertisements
  • Wine – Wine Labels, Printed Bottles, Cork & Capsule Designs
  • Photography
  • Signage
  • Website

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