Strategy and design are at the heart of every quality marketing initiative. As a creative company, Blind Renaissance illustrates expertise and experience in the multi-faceted aspects of branding, design, and marketing.

Since 1972, Blind Renaissance has created a strong visual identity and cohesive media presence demanded by the sophistication of marketing environments. We design engaging, client-specific promotional materials by combining an educated artistic sensibility with extensive knowledge of advertising trends in multiple industries and the appropriate utilization of new design, digital and printing technologies.

Blind Renaissance offers a full range of services: print and web design, illustration, art/photography direction, video, animation, and marketing services. We closely monitor advances in design, packaging and technological trends and constantly devise new strategies that combine strong design with an innovative, user-friendly approach.

We work directly with a diverse array of domestic and international printers to provide customized print and packaging solutions on any surface at all price points. Our extensive knowledge of new and emerging printing techniques offers unmatched quality control, ensuring that the images we design are printed as intended. Our Columbia River studio features state-of-the art equipment to best support your imaging needs, including our 44” UltraChrome HDX 10-color pigment-ink printer and our photography studio space for portraits and products. Through close collaboration with clients, Blind Renaissance creates viable marketing strategies. We believe the success of our services relies on our ability to listen closely, identify and understand target audiences, and honor core values with well-conceived visual, tactile and auditory design.



Everyone loved our new gusseted pear bags so much that we have decided to go with all our other pear varieties. Keep up the good work!
— Tom Papke
Yakima Fresh Marketing
Woot! You guys are amazing at what you do! Made the vision come to life, love it!
— Rae Helsel
Jaya Yoga
These look amazing. I am very impressed with the designs you have created and look forward to seeing this in the market.
— Josh Logsdon
Giro Pack Inc.
So within the first 4 hours after the new website launch, I booked a 90-minute massage with a new client. They said the website was very clean and easy to follow. You have been getting quite a bit of compliments on your creation so your name has been handed out a lot.

Thank you again for all the work you put into this.
— Cherise Hassett LMP
On behalf of the Town Toyota Center, thank you for your excellent work in providing us 2 new logos to incorporate into our marketing plans to help impact the future of the facility. Your time and talent exceeded expectations and we appreciate your team’s extra effort and contribution.  Thank you again for your professionalism.
— Jennifer Bushong
Director of Marketing
Town Toyota Center
You guys rock... let me know if there is any other input you need from us, otherwise we totally trust your creativity and design/placement skills. Thanks!
— Anthony McCarty
Director of Sales
Town Toyota Center
Just wanted to say that I went into Yakima Fresh’s website and thought it was the one of the best I have seen and I have seen a ton of them.

You guys (and gals of course) do an excellent job in all areas.
— Susan Campbell
Shields Bag & Printing Co.
I just wanted to thank you again for a job well done on my Consumer Cherry Page. I am a very detailed and picky guy to work with and you are the same… I like working with you. You really delivered on this project… the entire Yakima Fresh team loved it!
— Tom Papke
Vice President of Marketing
& Business Development
Yakima Fresh Marketing