A Blushing Apple: Grannrosé

When granny apples grown at higher elevations in the Chelan Valley were developing a beautiful red blush on their skin, Chelan Fresh was not sure what to do. Traditionally they would try to coat the apples with clay to prevent the apples from sunburn because the market was used to seeing green granny smith apples. Upon doing some market research, however, we found that the blushed apples had a unique flavor profile that consumers really liked.

When presented with this information, Chelan Fresh asked us to rebrand the blushed apples and develop a new marketing plan for the blushed granny smith apples. During the branding process, the name Grannrosé was created from a combination of the granny smith apple – "grann" – and the rose-colored – "rosé" – blush on across their skin. We also worked with local artists to develop the original artwork for the displays and marketing materials.

As we watched interested in the blushed Grannrosé apples grow, and our client was making more for their newly branded apples than they had before the new campaign, we know our marketing strategy has created a highly successful campaign.