Chelan Fresh: Fresh & Fit for Winter

For the 2009 ice skating finals held in Spokane, WA, Blind Renaissance developed a cool, refreshing look for the "Fresh & Fit" program, a joint promotional project between Chelan Fresh and the US Figure Skating Association. 

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A Blushing Apple: Grannrosé

When granny apples grown at higher elevations in the Chelan Valley were developing a beautiful red blush on their skin, Chelan Fresh was not sure what to do. Traditionally they would try to coat the apples with clay to prevent the apples from sunburn because the market was used to seeing green granny smith apples. Upon doing some market research, however, we found that the blushed apples had a unique flavor profile that consumers really liked.

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Back to School: Pack A Snack

With the first day of school right around the corner, we thought we would bring back one of our back to school ads created for Chelan Fresh. A fun, plaid lunch box with a gala apple focuses on providing healthy snacks for children at school. To continue the back to school look, a paperclip holds together a few small index cards that feature the apple's flavor profile.

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Chelan Fresh - Cherry Promotional Campaign II

Here is another fun piece we completed for the Chelan Fresh cherry promotional campaign. This trade ad pulls the quirky shape and movement of a slat machine with color, flat illustrations of cherries and the lucky number seven. Blind Renaissance once again created taglines fitting this particular ad's theme, such as:

"Not the gambling type? Neither are we."

"When it comes to your cherry profits, Chelan Fresh doesn't take chances."

Check out our other cherry promotion created for Chelan Fresh about turning up sales volume here.

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Chelan Fresh - Cherry Promotional Campaign

Chelan Fresh Marketing asked Blind Renaissance to help to develop a cherry promotional campaign with trade ads and direct mail pieces. The artwork features in-house photography using special lighting and a black background to bring out the dark, brilliant red of the cherries. Blind Renaissance developed custom, creative writing in-house to create taglines related to increasing sales volume during cherry season. The marketing materials featured taglines such as:

"To increase profits you need to increase VOLUME."

"Cherry Season Rocks"

Playing off the pun of volume, Blind Renaissance paired the taglines with a custom illustrated speaker to tie in with the theme of increasing volume sales so this promotion would have a unique personality.

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Cameo Apples Spring Promo

With spring apples come delicious recipes.

Cameo apples, one of Washington's fastest growing gourmet varieties, has a naturally large size that is great for cooking. To show off Cameo's place in the kitchen, BR helped Chelan Fresh expand on this idea with a Spring promotion featuring beautiful spring blooms and bright, colorful photography. With such appetizing photography, the layout was kept simple with focus on the headline and tagline above a selection of warm, inviting photos of apple dishes. This program included corresponding recipe cards available for posters and POS cards.

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Here Comes Santa Clause for Chelan Fresh

To add personality to Chelan Fruit's holiday display and tote, circa 2004, Blind Renaissance created custom illustrations of a realistic mountain setting of the Lake Chelan valley and a charming Santa holding a Washington apple along with his sack of toys.

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